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1. Research and Analysis

1. Research and Analysis

Providing Evidence and Recommendations for Policy Change

Gender Equality in Economy and Society

  • Analysis and Recommendations: Progress on the Goal 5 (gender equality) of the UN Global Compact signatory companies in Japan (2022)

  • Trends in Emerging Economies in Asia: Legal and Policy Frameworks for Promoting Gender Equality in Businesses (2022)

  • Analytical Research and Policy Recommendation: Gender Gap in Toyooka City (2019)

  • Mid-term Analytical Review: APEC’s Commitment to Promoting Women’s Leadership (2017)

Economic Autonomy and Social Protection

Research commissioned by Oxfam Japan

  • Analytical Research and Policy Recommendations: Impacts of the Great East Japan Earthquake on Young Women and Adolescent Girls (2015)

  • Evaluation and Policy Recommendations: Support to Entrepreneurship Development for Women in the Disaster-affected Areas in Tohoku (2014)

  • Evaluation and Policy Recommendations: Support to the Economic Empowerment of Single Mothers in the Post-disaster Tohoku (2013)

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