Gender Action Platform (GAP) advocates for gender equality and women’s empowerment, and a transformed Japanese society where both women and men exercise their own rights and decision making power to live a dignified life.

Gender Action Platform (GAP) is a non-government organization that brings to Japan its global knowledge and experience in order to advance 1) gender mainstreaming in Japanese ODA policy; 2) implementation of CEDAW and other international instruments in Japan; and 3) gender literacy in the wider Japanese society.

Policy Advice
  • Measure and evaluate Japanese ODA policy on gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Support ODA implementing partners (Government, JICA, NGOs) in integrating gender into their policies and programmes
  • Support public and private sector organizations in introducing gender responsive institutional arrangements/frameworks

Research and Analysis
  • Support research and analysis of ODA implementing partners on critical gender issues for gender responsive project/programme planning and development
  • Advance knowledge building of global gender and development issues
  • Support thematic research and analysis of Japanese gender machineries

Capacity Building
  • Design and facilitate capacity building workshops on gender and women’s empowerment issues for:
    • ODA implementing partners: integrating gender into the project management cycle, including monitoring and evaluation
    • National and local government gender machinery offices: training of staff in policy development, implementation and evaluation

Advocacy and Outreach
  • Conduct brown bag series to increase gender awareness: topics cover (i) day to day issues, i.e. gender and the Japanese media, unpaid care work, women in the workforce, gender at school, etc.; and (ii) global trends and standards, i.e. review CEDAW observations.
  • Conduct seminar series targeted at policy makers and development practitioners: topics cover global trends, emerging issues, tools and methodologies, good practices/ case studies in areas of care economy, gender budgeting, gender and security, disaster risk management, climate change, etc.

Sociologist and author of numerous books/articles on gender; active in public and policy advocacy; Japan’s Representative to UN Commission on the Status of Women (1997-2010)

Advocacy Specialist
Active in policy advocacy, capacity-building, public campaigns and development education; former staff member of UNDP Gender Team, Bureau for Development Policy

Mariko SAITO
Programme Specialist
Gender and development specialist in policy, programme, and institutional gender mainstreaming; former staff member and currently consultant for UNDP Gender Team, Bureau for Development Policy

Communications Specialist
Former consultant for UN agencies (human trafficking, gender) and migration specialist; Supports development programmes in gender, poverty reduction and sustainable biodiversity conservation in East Africa.