【Side Event Report】Video on Side Event “Greater Inequality and Greater Japan Earthquake” Now Available on Youtube ・震災と女性サイドイベントの様子(Youtube ビデオ編)


The Gender Action Platform and Oxfam Japan co-organized a side event "Building Back Better - Gender Inequality and the Great Japan Earthquake" at the World Ministerial Conference on Disaster Reduction in Tohoku on July 4, 2012. The event addressed the issues of (1) gaps in protecting pregnant and breastfeeding women -- experience from Fukushima; (2) international standards in protection of pregnant and breastfeeding women; (3) women's realities in evacuation centers; and (4) unequal access to financial assistance packages. 

A video series (1/9 above to 9/9) on the side event now available on Youtube showcases what panelists of experts and practitioners have observed first hand from the time of the earthquake up until now, highlighting two gender inequality issues that have emerged. They look into important questions to be answered: Why did pregnant/breastfeeding women and newborns disappear from evacuation centers? Did cash support reach both men and women?     
A video series are available here at Oxfam Japan Youtube Channel.
For the side event media release in English, please CLICK here

For inquiries and interview, please contact:
Ms. Osaki, or Ms. Saito
Gender Action Platform (GAP)
Email: gap.msaito@gmail.com 


7月4日、世界防災閣僚会議 in 東北 において、ジェンダー・アクション・プラットフォーム(GAP)国際協力NGOオックスファム・ジャパンが共催したサイドイベント「震災と女性:国際基準はどこに?~被災地から見えてきたこと~」の様子を、Youtube ビデオ(1/9~9/9)(英語)でご覧いただけます。

同サイドイベントでは、福島の経験から明らかになった妊婦や授乳期の女性保護におけるギャップ や、妊婦や授乳期の女性保護に関する国際基準、避難所で女性が直面する現実、また生活再建のための支援金に関する不平等な扱いなどの問題を取り上げています。